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We offer Muzzleloader and Rifle whitetail deer hunts,  Our muzzle loader hunts usually run during the last weeks of October to the first week of November depending on the year.  Our rifle hunts run during the Rut which is usually during the last 2 weeks of November.  Contact us if you are interested in a Whitetail hunt and see what days we have Available.

Our whitetail Hunts are conducted over fields and on normal travel routes between bedding areas and fields.  We do alot of scouting and hunting in these areas ourselves so we pay attention to how the deer travel through these areas from year to year.  We get out and put boots on the ground and do pre season scouting looking for rubs and scrapes and hopefully get cameras hung up in the right spots to get the deer we are after on camera.  

Our hunts are conducted out of heated blinds, heated by propane or by wood stove depending on the blind.  I prefer to have the blinds setup in location weeks if not months before the season comes around so the deer are used to them. We also utilize treestands in areas where a blind just wont work, we also utilize pop up blinds to be able to move if i find another area that i haven't yet put a blind up at.  Our hunts are all day hunts we will drop you off at your stand well before sunrise with a radio so you can have contact with us if you are succesful if you are not succesful during the day we will pick you up after legal time. 

During your deer hunts there is a chance that you could see coyotes and even a wolf.  Which with your unused big game license you are allowed to harvest 1.

Price and whats included

Our Whitetail hunts are 3000 USD

Our hunts are 6 nights 5 day hunts arrive on a sunday and depart on saturday

Your hunt includes

License & Tag



Skinning & Gutting

Basic Trophy Care

Transportation to and from blinds

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